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A New Experiance Awaits The Morris Technology group would like to take this opportunity to thank Brett Larsen for 23 years of service. Brett has been manufacturing temperature sensors at D&N for over 22 years and is keen to apply his vast technical knowledge. We wish you all the very best in your future.

Introducing Brett Larsen to the sales team

New Sales Representative The Morris Technology group would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest addition to our sales team, Brett Larsen. Brett has been manufacturing temperature sensors at D&N for over 20 years and is keen to apply his vast technical knowledge to assisting our clients to find the best solution for… Read more »

High Temperature Cable Part 2

Fibreglass High Temperature Cable Welcome to part two of our high temperature cable blog, the last blog we discussed our range of PVC, Polyamide and Teflon cables. This week it is all about Fibreglass which is ideally used for high temperatures up to 480°C.

High Temperature Cable Part 1

When choosing your high temperature cable care must be taken. There are many types of insulation used with varying degrees of thermal resistance and tensile strength. D&N supply such a wide range we will be separating this blog into two parts. This article will look at our range of PVC, Polyamide and Teflon high temperature… Read more »

Selecting Type K

As previously mentioned, Thermocouples comes in a wide range of calibrations. Among these calibrations Type K is the most popular choice for high temperature measurement. But does this mean it’s the best option for you? Today we look at what you should consider before purchasing your Type K Thermocouple.

Carbon Bake Furnace Specialists

A carbon bake furnace (CBF) is a super-sized oven which bakes carbon blocks, called “anodes”. These blocks are required in the aluminium production process. D&N Engineering has been operating since 1974. During that time, we have worked extensively with Tomago & Hydro Aluminium providing solutions to assist them in improving and maintaining their CBF processes…. Read more »

Stellite Coated Thermowells

As mentioned in our last blog “choosing your thermowell” a thermowell will keep your temperature device protected. But, in some industrial processes the extreme environments that a standard thermowell is exposed can significantly decrease the thermowells lifespan, and can put your temperature device at risk. For example, in power station processes pulverized coal dust travels… Read more »

Embracing LEAN Systems

D&N Engineering was founded on the vision “willing to take on any challenge, large or small” and it still rings true today. So in early 2014 when faced with the challenge of staying competitive in an increasing difficult market we did what we do best… found a solution. With the help of our friends from the… Read more »

The Hard Facts of Sheath Material

A Thermocouple is a versatile temperature measurement device and can be exposed to extreme environments. When this is the case, your choice of Sheath material is most important as different materials come with varied temperature ranges, melting points and chemical resistance. This week we will look at the different sheath material available and provide you… Read more »

The ABC’s of MI Cable Calibration

Your Guide to MI Cable I understand if you are confused, when it comes to MI Cable (mineral insulated cable) there are more letters then you could write into a Jackson 5 pop song! But all of these unique calibration types are suitable for different temperature ranges and applications. We will touch on all of… Read more »