D&N Engineering Fabrication  shop operates out of Newcastle NSW Australia in a facility that allows us to provide you with only the best Custom Fabrication and assembly of all manufactured parts and components.

Temperature Specialists

D&N Engineering has been custom manufacturing equipment for Aluminum smelters for over 55 years.

Using special techniques pressing the metal forging into desired shapes appose to welding and weakening the grain density of the material.

Using this unique process allows the product to out perform equipment used from yester year. 

Having a proven track record of understanding high temperature requirements of different alloys trialed tested and proven over years of research and development D&N Engineering out performs.

Flue Baffle

Flue Baffle

Expandable Gaskets were developed in the 80’s for the use in Anode Baking Ovens to prevent air flow between oven chambers.

D&N Engineers were able to develop a sealing system that could be lowered through a small opening and reach down up to 3 meters were it was able to be expanded to double the size to seal against oncoming air flow,all to take place in an aggressive environment with high temperatures.

the benefits include

  • Replacement Gaskets 
  • Machined 6061 Hinges
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Non-Toxic Gaskets.
  • High Temperature Exposure.
  • Lighter Weight 
  • 1 week turnaround on repairs
  • Easy to use Calking Gun
flue baffle open
flue baffle handle
fab flap1

Flue Baffle

Full Custom Length To Suit Application

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