Advantages of in house CNC & Fabrication

Whether you’re an engineer, small business owner or purchase officer the two most important resources you deal in is time & money. D&N Engineering understands this, and we save you both by using in house CNC & Fabrication workshop in our temperature sensor manufacturing.

Let’s say you ordered a thermocouple and partnered thermowell through a company that doesn’t have a CNC & Fabrication work shop in house. The Thermocouple will be ready in 3 days, but to build the custom thermowell they have to order it from another supplier. This other supplier has their own costs of labour, freight, and materials that they have to put a margin on in order to be profitable.  In this time your completed thermocouple is sitting on the bench in a store for an additional 5-14 days waiting for the order to be complete.
Time is money, and additional time spent on outsourcing a CNC & Fabrication workshop is money wasted. D&N’s in house CNC & Fabrication workshop works closely with the Thermocouple manufacture team to ensure your products are done swiftly, on time, and to your complete specifications. It also reduces the cost by eliminating additional profit margins set by external companies.

CNC & Fabrication workshop capabilities

CNC & Fabrication
D&N’s In house CNC & Fabrication workshop

D&N’s Machine shop has the capability and knowledge to machine a variety of materials, including:

• Plastics of all grades
• Brass, Copper, Aluminium
• Stainless steel, Titanium, High Tensile Steel etc.

Our experienced sales team can assist you with your project from the conception and design stage. To the mass production of you project. All that is required is an idea and our sales staff will be more than happy to make your ideas take shape.
If you would like a full list of D&N’s CNC & Fabrication shop equipment it can be found here

If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, please call 02 49526344 or email us at our contacts page