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The ABC’s of MI Cable Calibration

Your Guide to MI Cable I understand if you are confused, when it comes to MI Cable (mineral insulated cable) there are more letters then you could write into a Jackson 5 pop song! But all of these unique calibration types are suitable for different temperature ranges and applications. We will touch on all of… Read more »

Advantages of in house CNC & Fabrication

Whether you’re an engineer, small business owner or purchase officer the two most important resources you deal in is time & money. D&N Engineering understands this, and we save you both by using in house CNC & Fabrication workshop in our temperature sensor manufacturing.

RTD vs Thermocouple

A Resistance temperature detector (RTD) or a thermocouple? Both can be used to measure temperatures and are suitable in a broad range of applications. This often leaves our customers with the dilemma of choosing what temperature sensor best suits their needs. Before we make that decision it is vital to understand the difference between the… Read more »