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Selecting Type K

As previously mentioned, Thermocouples comes in a wide range of calibrations. Among these calibrations Type K is the most popular choice for high temperature measurement. But does this mean it’s the best option for you? Today we look at what you should consider before purchasing your Type K Thermocouple.

The ABC’s of MI Cable Calibration

Your Guide to MI Cable I understand if you are confused, when it comes to MI Cable (mineral insulated cable) there are more letters then you could write into a Jackson 5 pop song! But all of these unique calibration types are suitable for different temperature ranges and applications. We will touch on all of… Read more »

Advantages of in house CNC & Fabrication

Whether you’re an engineer, small business owner or purchase officer the two most important resources you deal in is time & money. D&N Engineering understands this, and we save you both by using in house CNC & Fabrication workshop in our temperature sensor manufacturing.