Teflon Thermocouple Cable

Teflon Thermocouple Cable is can be used in temperatures up to 220°C.

Teflon Thermocouple Cable

Teflon thermocouple cable is capable of withstanding much higher temperatures than most other thermocouple cable and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Teflon Double Insulatedcable-rtd-teflon-1

The DOUBLE INSULATED TEFLON or TEFLON / TEFLON cable are a pair of solid or stranded conductors covered with Teflon laid flat and Teflon-sheathed. This cable can also be called
Teflon – FEP. As this cable is extruded it is capable of withstanding applications were steam, gas, and water are found. This cable is available in a single strand and multiple stranded versions.
• Solid 24 AWG
• Solid 20 AWG
• Stranded 7/32 AWG
• Stranded 14/32 AWG
On request 30 AWG solid cable is available.
For an additional abrasion resistance, an optional stainless steel over braid is available.
With a continuous temperature range of -80°C to 220°C, the application areas for this cable are:
• Chemical environments Laboratories
• Petrochemical installations
• Autoclaves sterilises
• Mid-temperature wet environments.

If you need any assistance selecting the right cable for your project, contact our sales team.