378 Handheld Thermometer/Logger


The Center 378 improves the input isolation protection up to 250 VAC, so input channels are not interfered in some applications. It also supports K, J, E, T type thermocouple probes. All the temperature data is shown on the large backlit LCD simultaneously for ease of reading. Built-in data logging function offers the users to collect temperature data up to 1600 records and then download to PC for software analysis.



Measurement Range:

K: -200~1372ºC (-378~2501ºF)

J: -150~1000ºC (-238~1832ºF)

E:-150~750ºC (-238~1382ºF)

T:-180~400ºC (-292~752ºF)


0.1ºC/ºF<1000º, 1ºC/ºF>1000º

Battery type:

9V Battery

Battery Lifetime:

Approx. 30 hours (alkaline battery)

Standard accessories:

Instruction manual, 9V battery, windows software, carrying case, USB cable, K-type bead probe x 2 PCS.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm

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