Carbon Bake Furnace Specialists

A carbon bake furnace (CBF) is a super-sized oven which bakes carbon blocks, called “anodes”. These blocks are required in the aluminium production process.

D&N Engineering has been operating since 1974. During that time, we have worked extensively with Tomago & Hydro Aluminium providing solutions to assist them in improving and maintaining their CBF processes. This is why within the industry we are often referred to as “The Carbon Bake Furnace Specialists”.

Our extensive experience within the Carbon Bake Furnace field, has led us to design and produce a range of products that far outperforms their traditional models. These products include our high quality peep hole covers, bake oven assemblies, D&N burner tips and flue baffles.

Carbon Bake Furnace peep hole covers & assembliesCarbon bake furnace peep hole covers


Our new peep hole cover anchors use advanced folding and laser techniques instead of welding. This not only decreases the cost of labour but increases the strength and quality of our anchors. With this process and other additional improvements, we have managed to decrease top plate heat by 14 degrees, and increase the lifespan of our peep hole covers by 2.5 months. This also comes with the additional bonus of a cost saving of around 65%.
Our advances in Peep hole design have allowed us to mirror these techniques to improve our thermocouple holders, burner assemblies & pressure assemblies. This has significantly increased the performance of our entire bake oven assembly range.

Improvements to burner tips

Carbon Bake furnace Burner Tips

Traditional burner tips need regular replacement and offers little control in terms of heat output. D&N Engineering has used our years of experience to design our new D&N Burner Tips. These tips have a more controlled flame output and an extended life cycle. These advancements in design ensures that when you purchase this “hot” product you will notice significant reduction on gas costs.





Flue Baffles

D&N’s robust Flue Baffles are light weight and fully adjustable. Ensuring they can seal to any flue wall. The design boasts changeable pads and components to extend the life of the product and save on replacement costs.

D&N Offer a range of other products that are suitable to the smelting process, and with our 25 years of experience in improving our clients processes we truly have earned our title “The Carbon Bake Furnace Specialists”.

If you would like any additional information on how we can improve your company’s process you can send an enquiry to our sales team at the contacts page.