Embracing LEAN Systems

D&N Engineering was founded on the vision “willing to take on any challenge, large or small” and it still rings true today. So in early 2014 when faced with the challenge of staying competitive in an increasing difficult market we did what we do best… found a solution. With the help of our friends from the Institute for LEAN systems (ILS) we were introduced to LEAN, the “systematic method for the elimination of waste within an enterprise”.

D&N visited Lithgow Arms (owned and operated by Thales Australia). Here we saw how a 100-year-old factory was transformed, from traditional manufacturing practices to LEAN systems through ongoing ILS engagement and their team of dedicated staff.

After the visit the decision was made to use the same model at D&N Engineering. The training was conducted by ILS using IP that has been developed over a decade or more and based on studying the Toyota Production System (TPS). ILS is presently one of the leading providers of transformation and regeneration practices in manufacturing in the USA, and has been operating in Australia for nearly 10 years. The transformation journey at D&N started in April 2014, with the goal of developing a partnership between management and employees. This has increased mutual trust and all employees have contributed in supporting the journey. By following the program, the results are similar to Lithgow at the same stage of their journey.

Co-Director Ashley Morris has found embracing LEAN a challenging but rewarding experience “Looking at the business and identifying problem areas can be a very difficult and sometimes a confronting process, but is necessary to achieve continuous improvement and exceed our customer’s expectations”.

Initially D&N Engineering put 8 staff members through the Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices course. Funded by Training Services NSW and conducted by ILS & Swinburne University. The Course is designed to introduce LEAN manufacturing and improve efficiency in a person’s own work role or the efficiency of a team or work area. Currently 3 key personnel are completing their Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices. This course focuses on Leadership and change management using LEAN principles and other competitive systems and practices.

LEAN Systems presentation
Linsey Morris, Sasha Neser (ILS), Shane Jones & Leigh Brown

The Results of LEAN

Since the start of our LEAN journey we have seen some impressive results. D&N has increased our DIFOT (Delivery in Full and On Time) to above 95% from a starting point of below 50%. Through the development of the team at D&N, driving continuous improvement and reduction of waste. We have been able to pass our cost savings on to our customers. Keeping our products competitively priced within the market.
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Information on ILS and how LEAN systems can help you email Pat O’Flaherty on Pat.Oflaherty@theleanway.com