The ABC’s of MI Cable Calibration

Your Guide to MI CableABC of MI Cable

I understand if you are confused, when it comes to MI Cable (mineral insulated cable) there are more letters then you could write into a Jackson 5 pop song! But all of these unique calibration types are suitable for different temperature ranges and applications. We will touch on all of these calibrations and before you know, it will be as easy as 123.

• Type K: Aka chromel-alumel, Type K is the most common general purpose MI Cable. It is inexpensive and covers the widest temperature range of all thermocouple types ranging from -200 to 1350°C due to this Type K’s are well suited for use across many industries and processes. E.g. chemical production and petroleum refineries.
• Type J: Aka iron-constantan, Type J has a more restricted temperature range than the Type K ranging from -40°C to +750°C but also has a higher sensitivity level. This MI Cable is commonly used to monitor temperatures of inert metals and in vacuum applications.
• Type T: Aka copper-constantan this MI Cable is suited for measurements in the -200 to 350°C range, has a high level of accuracy and performs well in the presence of moisture. This makes the type T a popular choice when monitoring a lower range temperature and is often used within the food industry.
• Type E: Aka Chromel-Constantan. A range of -200 to 750°C and the highest EMF output of any base metal MI Cable makes the Type E well suited to cryogenic applications.

Next we will look at the Platinum/Rhodium alloy MI Cables, they are among the most stable, but have lower sensitivity than other types and thus is mainly used for monitoring higher temperature.
• Type B: Suited for use at up to 1700°C. These produce the same output from 0-42°C limiting their use below 50°C.
• Type R: used to measure temperature from 0- 1600 °C. If used for short term can be used to measure temperatures as low as -50°C
• Type S: Also used to measure temperature up to 1600°C. Before the introduction of the International Temperature Scale of 1990, precision type S thermocouples were used as slandered thermometers for the range of 630-1064°C. Since then platinum resistance thermometers have taken over this range as the standard thermometer.

MI CableThe type B,R & S MI Cables are suitable for continuous use in oxidising or inert gas atmospheres and for short term use in vacuum environments. They are used extensively in the steel and iron industries to monitor temperatures and chemistry throughout the steel making process. All platinum thermocouples should be protected by a ceramic protection tube; it is also worth mentioning that these are relatively the most expensive MI Cable type.
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