How a bad thermocouple affects you

An inaccurate thermocouple can cost your business

Thermocouples are versatile and durable sensors that can measure temperature up to 1800 degrees. But without regular maintenance a thermocouple may start giving incorrect readings. When this happens how much will it cost your business?


Bad thermocouples can really cost your business, a lot greater than just the price of that replacement part.numbers-money-calculating-calculation

If a Thermocouple doesn’t work, you’ll need to find a replacement quickly. Not only spending money on the replacement part, but the potential downtime adds cost of wages and loss of production that can really hurt the bottom line. It is important that you are maintaining your thermocouples regularly to ensure you avoid this very costly mistake.

Thermocouples that provide incorrect information is even worse! Incorrect readings might not be noticed straight away, which can cause bigger problems damaging equipment or your lowering production quality. This will  cause even more downtime fixing the issue.

Having regular maintenance audits to monitor and replace your thermocouples is essential to saving your business downtime and the all-important bottom line. D&N Engineering Supplies not only provide high quality Australian made Thermocouples. We are experts in our field who can assist you in developing regular maintenance schedules, and audit programs.

D&N Engineering supplies also offer same day delivery to eligible customers ensuring your never left in a bind when something goes wrong. Head over to our contacts page to get in contact with our sale staff who can assist you in finding a solution that suits your needs.

Find out more information on D&N’s range of thermocouples at our product page.

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