Temperature Sensor Manufacturer & CNC Machining Services

We manufacture the sensors that keep industry running. Specialists in Thermocouples, RTD temperature sensors and fluid level probe sensors we can produce the right sensor for the right job. We offer the latest technology and production techniques when machining metal or plastic to your specifications in D&N's Engineering CNC Shop see link above for more information.


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Temperature Sensors

D&N Engineering is Australia’s largest regional manufacturer of thermocouples, RTD sensors, level sensors, thermowells, connectors, fittings and extension cable.


We manufacture the sensors that keep industry running

D&N ENgineering SuppliesQuality iso 9001sD&N is an Australian owned company manufacturing temperature sensors in Newcastle, Australia since 1980. D&N is a specialist in design and manufacture of custom sensors to suit all industries. Proudly servicing the Hunter Valley and Australia.

All of our highly specialised products are manufactured in Australia to exacting standards and your personalised requirements. ISO 9001 quality assurance is your guarantee of a high standard of excellence in both manufacture and materials.


CNC Machining Fabrication Services



At the D&N Engineering CNC Machine Shop, only the highest level of quality is expected from its CNC Machining Staff. All Employees ensure the finest quality when producing precise parts or programming CNC lathes for all customers.